So much Anger

Oke so a lot has happened this evening. I am not going to talk about it but general towards Each and Everyone part of the PvP - FTB - Survival/creative server.

A big fight broke out because someone got misunderstood.

I would all like to take some time and just look back at what happened and also think about what happened to the others. For some people it is hard to envision what the other is going through.

I make the request for a lot of people in this community to open up towards others and think more about how others feel and what you can do to help/ or not make it worse.
You can think of something light, but for some people it can become very hard. In this community we do not want people who keep talking shit towards others while they do not understand the other.
You do not talk shit towards others for Fun unless you really know the person.

What happened went bad at multiple points and the people who are ALL connected to it should take this opportunity To say what really is needed to be said!

My apology

I am sorry for not seeing the whole picture at that point and seeing what was really happening.
I wished i could really understood meta at that moment and didn’t stuck that much at what i had achieved which happened due to pure luck and accident. I will try my best to solve all of it and to get everyone to understand everyone and talk this out.

I also request staff to delete any post which provokes people and create more angry moments.
Tomorrow morning I hope to see a lot got worked out.

Goodnight to all

Become not only smart but also wise

I apologize if I caused emotional distress to anyone involved in this situation. I don’t think I really did anything other than playing an evil side when it comes to the PVP server, but if I did once again I’m sorry. It can get a bit heated when it comes to wars but I mean that’s kinda how PVP is.

Hmm what happened?