So I'm making a custom map

so does anyone want to help, i would post pics of what I’ve already made but sadly my mac doesn’t put pictures in the right place

it will be a adventure map

You should probably state what kind of map you’re making

This. Is it a puzzle map? Adventure map? Survival map? A combination?

I’m thinking of it being a adventure map

Why not make some puzzles in it valo it makes it harder! And sure I might help if I have nothing better to do xD

ok ill send you the ip

I would like to help. However it may be hard for me to get a computer for a while. Since i have to barrow my mom’s business computer and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: And what happened to that dota map thing we where going to do? Did we already try it? ???

I’m trying to figure out a good time to do the dots thing