So I'm bored and I'm at school...

Yeah, so i’m at school and i’m UBER bored. Cant play minecraft cos network blocks it.

8) :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :frowning: ??? :-X :-\ :’( youtube? Hulu? Pennyarcade? slightlydamned? Dr. McNinja? Lots o stuff. Hopefully its not all blocked off.

It would be. Schools are stupid. but I don’t think is blocked. It isn’t at my school anyway.

My school’s blocking stuff sucks. They’ve blocked everything, even things we need for school like PBS or National Geographic. I can get on however…

My school has PCB blocked, Minecraft, all gaming sites, and worst of all Command Prompt.

I know right it would be so fun to screw around in command prompt, but you can access task manager.

My school has nothing blocked literally ;D

MY School has PCB blocked. For Gambling. Literally. Minecraft’s not blocked, but YouTube FaceBook and all those are. They might block Minecraft at my school because the teachers caught me playing it. They say the games take up to much Bandwidth.

MY school has kinda leiniant blocking policies… (obviously no porn and gamgbling and stuff) but the teacher has this really annoying thing called NetOp where he can turn your internet off if he sees you on unnecessary websites :frowning:

Our school has a thing called RM Tutor where the teacher can see your screen and control your mouse. But half the teachers in the school don’t know how to use it xD

Yeah, just keep trying sites until you find one that isn’t blocked. Or do work. Heh, with that remote desktop thing, the teacher took over my friends computer, made him lose his game, opened up paint, and wrote ‘get back to work’ xD

lol, at least your teachers have a sense of humour, I just get the game closed and then a voice from the front says DETENTION!!!

Trust me they don’t. This is just one teacher who doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s education, he’s like a supply teacher, but actually employed full time by the school.

For me every thing is blocked! And for each of our laptops their is a program vision client-1 teacher spends the whole day just looking at screens. And if he catches us-laptop gone.

^ So I dont play ever.

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Should have edited not double posted. But we have that at my school too, they can lock you out and take control of your computer, it sucks.

My highschool had blocking too but you could get around a lot of it just by putting https:// instead of just http. Also there are website like proxify that you can use for that kind of thing too. University’s can’t block anything which is nice

^ So I dont play ever.