So, How's It Going?

Well I’ve noticed that PCB has been REALLY slow the past couple months. So I want to catch up with everyone, and try to find out where they are. So how is everyone? Where have you all been? I’ve been trying out for the play, doing long-distance track, finishing up FIRST robotics, cub scouts, boy scouts, forensics, TRI-M convention, and been busy with homework. Now over to you guys. EDIT: My 300th post, HOORAY!

Been finishing school work, trying to not die in Super Meat Boy, playing with lego mindstorm, playing with Autodesk Maya trying to figure it out.

Well, I did Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and 2 Nintendo DS games. 999 and Golden Sun 2.

Oh, and a little thing called college. My finals just finished for one class and now I’m in the next.

Next is Mass Effect 3… I don’t have time for all of them!

Well my college course finishes soon and i’m “mean’t to be doing coursework” so thats my excuse for like everything

Checking out some stuff in 1.2, messing around with customising texture packs, guitar, got the results for the first module of my AS exams I did. I got meh results, need to do better: Chemistry D, Biology B, Geography B. And I haven’t even done my physics exams yet…
More schoolwork, and yeah.

I met my girlfriend fro Sweden on xbox, I have a lot of schoolwork like examsand homework etc. I’ve been playing minecraft alone on the serv cause noone plays anymore, my life is getting boring with noone to play with so pls COME TO THE SERV!!!

My internet has been shut down for a while. So I can only get on here because minecraft multiplayer is blocked here. :’(

Welp, mainly raising my grades from High C’s and Low B’s to High A’s and B’s. and from there, I have been helping a new server start up. Currently im designing their spawn and i’ll say one thing, circle stone blocks make for very nice decoration blocks.

Also, I have working on Comp-Sci.
Recent results
Somerset: 1st place team, 4th place written exam.

District for us is on the 21st… W00T

Same old same old. Doing terrible in school, doing terrible trying to keep friends, doing terrible trying to find more friends, doing terrible building in minecraft, I even lost an inch, if ya know what I mean… Meh.

Oh and bolje, dont have internet girlfriends. Its the epitome of the internet and nerds everywhere and shows a total lack of dignity in ones self. And swedish girls are BLAH, 100$ her name is helga and she weighs 250 pounds. Try another place.

I hear nebraskas nice.


Well I have been addicted to a PVP sever, Been playing on there a lot. I will defiantly play more on here when the severs are updated. :))))))))))))))))))))))

ive been busy with work, College Classes just finished for me, and beyond taht ive been working on the farm, Bolje im on here all the time! where are you? besides taht ive just been working on getting better at mining on here… as far as GFs go ive given up for now XD.

School, Sims 3, Europa Universalis 3, Not going on the servers cos nobody is online. Yeah…

School, Musical rehearsel for “Godspell”, PokemonWorldOnline, My social life, babysitting, job hunting, house hunting, college hunting, and lotttsss of sims 3, for those who got Showtime, add me @TDred1750

I’ve been on the server’s regularly, but theirs never anyone on so i get lonely and leave. Also, theirs xbox.

I’ve been playing Skyrim, Mass Effect, MW3, BF3 and some halo and then im trying to pass high school.

You guys say highschool is so hard… for me its easy…
take a look Owo

So, gcse equivalents there I think. Wait until you hit A level equivalents. Shit takes quite a step up.

Gcse’s I did well in. A* chemistry, A physics, A biology, pass at further maths, cant remember others exactly. All B and aboveapart from a C in R.E. But its R.E. so that doesn’t matter. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m super busy. Barely get time to check the forums in the morning, by night I’m too tired. Same as shadow, I have given up on GFs atm.

glad im not the only one!