Sniper Elite II Free on Steam!!!

Now for this deal I don’t know too much about it, just that right now Sniper Elite II is free on steam and you can go quickly and install it free on steam right now. The game is basically a sniper assassin game. Its kinda old but its still good. It also takes place during WWII so if you like killing Nazis then this will be a fun game for you. SO GO MY MINIONS AND GET THE FREE STUFF!!! :smiley:

Edit: So I just finished installing the game and its really fun. Its more like splinter cell with assassin’s creed mixed in. Like Hitman but more sniperish. Anyway its fun for me at least and I hope you guys like the game too.

Bump because this is really a fun game and I want more people to be able to see this offer before it goes away.

REALLY wish I had known about this on time. Nek messaged me about it, but I seem to have missed it by 10 minutes.