SnideHD It Was A joke !!!

The chest at steampunk was a joke that i neever made !! i thuoght Yomi would know it wasnt me because all i did was place the chest they tricked me in to it and it was them please unban please i wont ever listen to them ever again please forgive me and undestand

give names.
I already got courage

Just to inform others of what is going on here, Snide and some other players left Yomi a double chest of named items. While this sounds good, it is not once you started reading the names. A lot of them were sexual in nature and offensive.

While I understand a good joke, you have to know the recipient well enough that they don’t get offended. How would you feel getting sexist remarks in a game you just got back in?

DarkSniper280 umm others !!! and please forgive me please i didnt mean to offend anyone and Inever named them sorry

so you looked at it… joined the fun and never thought how this can be offensive towards someone else?
not telling them it could be smart to stop etc?

they just said anyone got a chest i was like yeah so i put the chest down and then did /back and never thought anything of it and they said put these in it and i was like ok (nott knowing the names) and then (after i put them in ) they started laughting and i was like whats so funny and they said take a second look and then i was like well you named them not me and left and I even said they were gonna get in trouble but i didnt really think i would cause i never named them and they tricked me in to doing it so i left and then i got banned and all i did was place a chest now i know why they didnt want to place it !!! please forgive it wasnt my fault ! please Yomi please

also Darksniper is who got me into it with out me knowing !

Plese let me back on i wont ever do anything ever agian PLEASE :frowning:

1 dont double post.
2 i hear a different story from dark
3 still waiting for courage to explain things

ive just been in skype with dark and hes all like yeahh she never caught me and they never knew i was in the chat so please ! ?

All three of you have been unbanned. Now, if I hear about any funny business again, you will be banned for it. Consider this my first and final warning.

Just wanted to say I agreed with a temp ban for these kinds of shenanigans. Was meant to be a warning anyway.