SNES Rainbow Road

I am currently making SNES Rainbow Road from MK Super Circuit as requested by Piehole314. I found that it would be one of the easiest possible tracks to make, but the only thing is that it is large. If I could get 2-4 helpers that would be awesome. I’ll pull up an overhead of the course later for helpers to use. More tracks will be coming soon.


Haha, Sweet! I’ll probably help, where is it? Coordinates? Thanks! BTW, you could also make it like MK7 with the ramps and stuff. :smiley:

I’m doin’ Classic :stuck_out_tongue: We can do some MK7 courses later though :smiley: Pirahna Plat Slide will probably be first. Or Wuhu Loop.

I love wuhu loop. Make that one first!

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