Snapshots from the past.

So, I loved Anth’s idea and got really nostalgic seeing old pictures of my town and of old player, so I decided to do this as well. Here’s my PCB story thus far! (Sorry if it’s a bit long.)

I do believe this was either a town I helped work on or that I built myself. This dates back 2 or 3 maps.

Our CD collection back in the old base.

My sole and only contribution to BigCity, built with Ruby. It’s actually better now. This was the original build. It’s evolved.

Ferr and I’s market feud over costumers. AKA Ferr vs. Kurry #TEAMKURRY

The feud, continued.

Snapshot of the group near the Kuribo spawn. (Cherry, myself, Ferr and Bowsero)

A safety hut & a palmtree I made for someone’s town

I can’t recall who made this GIF, but that’s the town. (And there’s my hut and trees)

My house in Javi’s old town, Volterra.

The view of the house in Javi’s town, again.

The Valandian boat I made.

My first house EVER on the server, in Guibo and I’s town of Valandia. <3

Valandia town-sign.

Map view of Valandia.

The beginning of Elysium’s copy-town. R.I.P

Some bullshit house thing I built in SkyTown.

Good ole Dale in it’s early stage.

Map view of Kuribo, the great!

The actual FULL map view of Kuribo. (And New Valandia) Also one of the biggest town on that map. That tiny little spot of green in the middle of the red circle is the spawn region, just for size comparison.

Good 'ol Valandia back in it’s early days.

Nether base, with partially destructed house that I believe Courage and Homer made.

Back to when Nami and I got married. R.I.P Nami. </3 :frowning:

The actual wedding hall.

A picture of me while making my shop. :3 Credit to… Octo? I think? Or Ruby? Or Vai? Or Yomi? IDK.

Early build stages of Venyx, my current town. /WARP VENYX to check it out!

A view of the Halloween Event Town (BY THE WAY, WHERE DID THAT GO??)

OMAGEEERD Valandiaaaa!

Yay I saw my house in kuribo :smiley:

oooOOooo look it’s my gif! :’’)

Dat BigCity tower doe…

Oh yeah, Halloween…

Valandia 1.6 = bae

I actually didn’t think I had this many screenshots. Let’s take more! :smiley:

I’m gonna go find mine :smiley:

RIGHT. What have we got here then?

Ouhai and I (And I think maybe also vaio?) made Fatso a birthday cake, way back in 2011 :open_mouth:


Andy… uh. What?


An old mob arena advert!


My Ship. Of POWER.


Ital and I once made this. Because we were bored, damn it!


And Fatso and I also got bored and built a mansion. Manor. Thing. With some help from Ouhai the gardener.


@Kurry Try TPing to X: +/-3000 Z: +/-3000

That destructed nether base was mine and homers! We moved out due to invasion of zombie pigs lol

@Petroliam That ship doeee.

@Javi OH YEAHHH! It was you!

Hey guys since everyone else were adding photos!

My house in Valandia :smiley:

I remember this view!


The second Valandia:

Awwe, how I miss Valandia!~

I love posts like this. Really gets your attention to the server. If only I did not have faulty HDD… I would show you builds that I made years ago. If you would allow me to.

go for it :b

Gladly. I just downloaded world save from first server I was on. They are shut down, so no harm. Anyways, I will post pictures of my project there. When I find it. But other stuff are lost. :frowning:

Well, some snapshots from my past. 1 to 1.7.3 beta… So, long time ago. On a server far far away.

I present to you, fallout vault I did not finish.

Wanted to make 5 levels. Made 4 levels. It is like 100 x 100.

Try to remember that back then the game was a bit skinnier.


Main level (Level 1) is smaller than other levels. Did not show you the rest…

Doors to emergency stairs. There is a lift too but it does not work.

Level 2 (100x100) - did not have time to picture everything (dozens of rooms and storages)

Look on the right

Look on the left

Level 3 & 4 also something around 100x100

As you can see, there are some layouts on that two levels. There should be one more level. Level 5 with generator, desalinization, and some underground hydroponics farms.


My luck…

Borg that is alot of iron it reminds of a mad scientists lair.

Kurry I remember when you first signed on to our server wearing a mario skin and everyone thought you were a dude lol.

Oh I also see my blue house in Kuribo.

Yea. But it was intended to be expansion of my town there. There was a town above that vault