SMP Hogwarts?!?!?!

As you may or may not know, a full model of Hogwarts in the creative server is well under way. The lack of crafted items got me thinking though, could this project be better off in the SMP environment?

What do you guys think! I or (hopefully) we would need lots of support, builders, miners, tree choppers, etc. This would be a long term project with lots of construction, architecture design, landscaping, and interior decorating.

Who would be interested in this, and how might we turn this idea into a working project?

We were going to do it together, we need a location. I can take care of the items and such.

This would be a project for that free build weekend we was meant to do a while back but we never did it

Its going to have to be a pretty sizable valley… might have to geo-engineer somewhere for the purpose.

I am interested in seeing this done. I know Isla has the will and ability to actually build it, so this should be a thing to behold.

Call me over if you see I am on. I can help with landscaping and supplies.

Yes. Just yes. I can help with authinticating and building the structure.

Da Map

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i wanna help too ill go get some resources and a lot of cobble

I will help with building, materials, landscaping etc. AND Freebuild fortnight wouldnt be enough time for this project. And I didn’t do it as I got busy, and 1.8, and lack of motivation, as people don’t seem to be bothered.

I found a location we can use, but if you have some spare time go look around. What we essentially need is a steep and high slope or cliff next to the water to build on top of with some flat ground behind for the quidditch stadium and the forest.

I have work during the day and can only be on intermittently. After 6 pm EST is when I am really available.

I can get wood, however do I get payed? I am just wondering.

louisrays, this topic is FAR dead. Next time, please read the text saying it hasn’t been posted in for 120 days. Don’t bring dead threads back to life xD

I got excited there… I thought Isla came back…

Same ouhai… Same

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