Smart Moving Mod

i am still a noob to forums and was tempted to put this under SMP section.

this is mainly directed at _specialk and _andy

the smart moving mod is not malicious but it seems like it isnt allowed?

What hacks/mods/clients are permitted?For our Survival and Creative server, the only game changing mod permitted is any form of fly hacks (such as Zombe’s mod pack). Any aesthetic mods (such as water shaders, matmos sounds, texture packs, etc) are also permitted. Any malicious or potentially malicious hacks (such as ore finders, x-ray, nukes, super pickaxe, chat spammers, aliasing, mob finders, etc) are not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.

but would it be under aesthetic mods?

Link: [size=78%]

i cannot/know any malicious happenings with it…

but if one or the other will answer that would be great :stuck_out_tongue:

Minecraft: Climbing, Diving, Sliding and More! (Smart Moving Mod) [youtube]

Would be awesome for parkour

Smart moving mod gives you an unfair advantage to those who don’t have have it or those who can’t use it since it lets you climb the sides of walls and jump up 2 high blocks.

Other than that though theres really nothing wrong with it

Nope. Doesn’t work like that unless the server has it installed. Which it doesn’t. It’s fine. Just makes you look awesomer when diving, swimming ect.
(Note that when using the mod you won’t be able to jump 2 blocks high, climb through 1x1 holes or do other movements not in the vanilla game.)

I think Smart Moving would be fun, but then there are th people who can’t figure out how the crap to work WinRAR or 7zip so we can use ModLoader. So as much as this would be a fun idea, it could be frustrating for kinds of people I mentioned above.

I see nothing wrong with it unless there’s a pvp battle going on at the arena or such.

I don’t see what there is to discuss.

It’s not a Bukkit plugin, therefore we cannot install it on our server. If you wish to use it anyhow for the animations, that’s fine as it’s simply aesthetic. There’s no manner in which it can be used to give you an advantage, it’s just a bunch of extra animations (without the server wrapper)