Smallest chance i wont be able to get on for a while

So here’s what could be a problem. My friend broke up with her boyfriend for being a toltal dick. Now the guy is just being a total douche to her. Earlier my friend tried to tick him off, then the guy ended up saying some crap about me and her. So now i was really ticked off about that and waited for him in his spot that he ALWAYS goes to (another place he goes to avoid me since the brake up) and what do you know, he wasn’t there. Now i am really ticked off and am trying to find him and give him the beat down he deserves. So if i am unable to get on, it’s prob cuz i got in big trouble after kicking this guy’s ass.
This is just incase i am unable to post anything of why i am completely gone for a while in the future. We’ll see how it goes.

lol so, what did he say? :3 eh not important but beat up good, you beast you! We’re all on team myth! :smiley:

Lol, thanks. :slight_smile:

Kick his arse, myth!

Want some help? :3 I’m willing to take three hour drive to help kick some ass.

Hard loves ass…

LOL +1

Sometimes not beating someone up is better. Consider that you’re better than this guy. But still, if you do beat him up, good for you, he sounds like a prick. xD


Lol. Not sure if i will be able to fight him like i want. Still trying to figure out how to tick him off enough to hit me first. However it is seeming to be a bit more difficult since he is just being an ass and not caring anything about the girl anymore despite her still liking him.
That would be kinda awesome to see you come down and help me kick his ass hard. >:D

Cant this weekend. Goin to UT For a uil meet. Maybe next weekend?


Don’t mention katanas to me ever again. Lost me a REACH for the TOP match… in the finals…

so um myth, did you throw the 1-2 punch to this guy already or what? :stuck_out_tongue: