Yesterday I was building underground and a slime spawns next to me . What I was thinking slime’s should give 10-14 GP because they are so rare to find. What do you guys/girls think. I know this post will not change the amount a slime gives, but i want to know what you guys/girls think.

Their not rare if you make a slime spawning roof thats huge…

How would you find a slime spawner? And that is too much work.

No you and goof made one yesterday remember?

OO, be nice to see, anyone add a screenshot?

In addition, most slimes (asides from the smallest) split off into several more when killed. Therefore you could get anything from 1-10 individual rewards based on its size.

Nice thanks, :slight_smile:

While what pic is very cool, I have to know: What magic is this? How did you get free standing signs? I suspect that the pegs/sticks they are on is just covered by the water, but this boggled my mind for a minute.

you can place signs on signs. :stuck_out_tongue: Minecraft physics ftw.

When ever your online and see me, ask me to see the slime farm and ill show you how the signs are standing

I think I understand based on what liam said. Thanks, I may visit the farm anyway since I have found few slimes.