No one doubts that Survival is more or less inactive. People need a reason why they should play survival. This is where SlimeFun comes into play.

What is SlimeFun?
SlimeFun is a plugin made for survival, it involves machines, new weapons, new armor, new tools, new ingots and much more.

How does it work?
Before you can start making something, you need to unlock it by paying with experience-levels that you usually use for enchanting. For example, for a new ingot, you have to pay 2 experience-levels and it gets unlocked. This is to make sure that people stay active for longer and find a way to get experience. It works with heads (machines are just heads that you can interact with).

Why should we add it?
I’m very sure this plugin will invite more people to play survival again and for new players it will rise their curiousity towards the server, because SlimeFun isn’t being used by many servers. We can also advertise it on our youtube.

Who in particular is it for?
As I’ve said already, for new members and members who want to return to survival, this plugin will be a great addition. Also for those who played FeedTheBeast a lot, will find interest in it because some of SlimeFun is inspired by FeedTheBeast.

What’s the downside?
Survival won’t be very vanilla anymore, because we use a plugin.

What happens if people “finished” SlimeFun?
Once you’ve unlocked everything and have everything you can dream of, there is something called the “SlimeXpansion”, an expansion for SlimeFun bringing even more stuff.

This was my suggestion on how to revive survival.

Best regards

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We’re currently reviewing a few survival suggestions, including feedback we received from the 2021 survey. We’ll let you know once we have assesed this, however it may take some time.

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Addition for something I forgot to mention: Coal and gravel are a core of SlimeFun, that means it should be better for having a survival map where all the player houses are and a farm map, where you can farm everywhere, that gets resetted ~3 months.

Sorry for necroposting, but I really believe that this is a very good idea!

It has almost been a year D:

We’ve looked at adding this for the next survival but don’t think it’s something we will add.

It strays a bit too far from ‘regular’ survival minecraft.