Guys the server should add the slime fun plugin its very cool because it begins with it giving you a slime fun guide which you open it and it just gives you a ton of options to build! You can make machines, armor, tools, food, gadgets, armor, etc.
Its just very cool because it says make a enhanced crafting table which is the basic machine you start a whole new survival with that there are many varieties of stuff it will be very cool if you guys added it to the survival server.
I came across with this idea because just me and my friends play on survival and today i asked in chat that why dont people play survival a lot? They told me that because the survival server died out because people were bored of it and got to creative and build, that got me disappointed because if i had a server like this i wouldn’t like people not playing in survival i would love that in both it just made me feel sad you know, so i think it will be a great idea if you guys add the slime fun plugin its awesome!!! check out this video it gives you all the review L00K=====>

prob won’t happen pure because every new players needs to get that pack and everything needs to fit together before they can play and with every new update that plugin lags behind