As some of you might have noticed… i havent been on lately… main reason is…

So… Who else has it?

Console: Xbox 360 S
Character name: Michael
Character race: Dark Elf
Skill: Destruction Magic
Level: 11
Dragons killed: 5
Giants killed: 0

kindawanted it
dont have the money
bought BF3
cant play because i gots no live
went to gamestop to trade games
4 games

I will get it, but my PC will have trouble. I’m gonna do what penny arcade did and collect every broom in the game!

Still trying to finish other games though.

I does!

Console: PS3
Character name: Idungivashit
Character race: Imperial
Skill: - I haven’t yet quite got the idea of some things.
Level: 4
Dragons killed: 0
Giants killed: 0

Skyrim (and BF3 and MW3 for that matter) are hogging all the spotlight- Halo’s where it’s at! (lol, jk, Skyrim looks like a good game, but seriously, no one talks about Halo anymore :’()

i got skyrim level 21 nord , 12 dragons killed, i have a friedn whose level 49 in three days though