Skyrim Special Edition

The newly remastered version of skyrim is launching on the 28th, and is currently available for preloading. If you have the game and the three paid DLCs by the launch, you will receive it free. However, you will not get the game for free if you buy them after that date.

The special edition is basically skyrim ported to the Fallout 4 engine. It’s 64bit, so it can assign more RAM and modding is more stable. Graphical mods will also be able to do even more as the game supports DirectX 11, rather than 9 as with the standard edition.

Glad I’ll get to end my ongoing war with ENBs, weather, texture, and lighting mods. :slight_smile:

I never got the original edition of Skyrim because I didn’t have the console for it at the time. I didnt know much about it anyway tbh. I’m not a total gamer, but I will definitely be wanting to get Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Final Fantasy 15 when they come out in the next few months. Is it worth it? What can you tell me about it to sway me to buy it.

It’s an easy game to put dozens or even hundreds of hours into (some friends of mine have put 1,000+ hours into it). Part 1 is exploring: the sprawling landscape contains hundreds of caves, dungeons, and secrets. I have 400+ hours into it and I’m still finding new things. Part 2 is becoming a badass. You’re always finding weapons, armor, and spells that are better than your own, which is needed, as the enemies level up as you do, so there’s always a challenge. You get to customize your Dovahkiin (and be a lizard!), so (at least to me) it’s easy to connect with them as they level up and get rich.

Now for the downsides: bugs and repetition. Since Special Edition is only a remaster, all the bugs in the original remain. EX: spouses run out on your wedding, bandits kindly greet you before realizing you’re an enemy, enemies magically sliding out of the way of your arrows… but at the same time, you can’t blame it for trying and there are mods to fix these issues. As for repetition, a great deal of the quests are either “go to cave A and collect item B” or “go to camp A and kill bandit B”.

Overall, in my opinion, it’s 100% worth it. Everyone has different experiences and different stories.

Sidenote: Skyrim Special Edition comes with the 3 DLC packs
Dragonborn adds to the main storyline and adds a new island to explore
Dawnguard adds a vampire (or vampire hunter) questline and improves upon said vampires, as well as werewolves
Hearthfire allows you to adopt children, get married, and build you own homestead

Preloading it now. Excited, but I probably won’t play for too long this time around.

I wish they’d remastered oblivion instead…

Apparently the reason they’re doing this is because they started it as practice for making Fallout 4. Oblivion would have been harder because it was on a significantly older version of the engine, whereas Skyrim is relatively up to date.

On the modding front, some mods will require little to no changes, but stuff like graphical mods which are deeply integrated into the engine wil require more changes.

Launch times (Same time, just different zones)
5pm Pacific Time (October 27)
8pm Eastern Time (October 27)
1am British Summer Time (October 28)
2am Central European Summer Time (October 28)
11am Australian Eastern Time Zone (October 28)
1pm New Zealand Time (October 28th)
2pm Japan (October 28th)

If you don’t own the base games and DLCs by this time, you won’t get the remaster for free.

What? Why would they remaster a game that is inferior in just about every way? Unless they remake it in the Skyrim engine, it’d be a complete waste of time. Skywind looks amazing so far, but Bethesda shut down their original Skyblivion project.

Really though, was never able to get into Oblivion. Spent way more time in Morrowind, and ~80 times the amount of time in Skyrim. Never enjoyed Oblivion, just wasn’t fun to play. Can’t imagine why anyone would still want to play it, especially in place of Skyrim.

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Basically any mod that doesn’t use SKSE or extensive script edits will work with special edition. That said, I miss y’all on PCB but I have to save Skyrim from the dragons! (Again)