im just putting this up so that i can make sure im getting the Skype accounts of everyone here who wishes to post it, not necessarily to chat all the time but in case something happens and we need to get ahold of OPs and Admins in a hurry without relying to heavily on the forum.

mine is of course Shadowmeire.

We already have several threads for that:


I had the sneaking suspicion that they couldn’t see it, though I couldn’t know for sure. :confused:

i was wondering when i tried to click it and it said it was staff only haha.

Lol. I did the same thing as Goof a long time ago. That is, trying to link to a blocked thread. When you don’t hit the walls, you hardly notice they are there.

For steam, join our channel and you link to many of us. I don’t intend to friend everyone on PCB. That would be crazy!

Project City Build
I go by the same name there too.

hmmmm i don’t have steam but i guess i will download it just for kicks and giggles when i get my laptop back from the repair shop.