Skincraft, for Mythbeast

this is a program i found that makes it supper easy to either make your own skin, or to cusomize the skin you already have. hope you enjoy it! ;D

Looks like my stupid school is blocking everything. :’( DX
Im sure it was a great skin editor. Wish I could afford to buy my own computer. Thanks any way.

hold on a tic. i can prolly get the files on here if i can figure out how to attach files… .lemme try this button :stuck_out_tongue:
nope can’t figure it out, but if someone could download these files, we could embedd Skincraft into PCB and that way everyone could have access to it easily…

Kinda sucks how a lot of things don’t really work on a mac.

^ this is why i won’t invest money into a mac, you have to work 3 times harder to get simple stuff like this XD

Ty for this post I now have a new Cinda ninja skin that I made Ty again.

yeah np glad ppl are enjoying it =D :wink:

can you change my carachter now on the forums cause something is eroring me

you have to nicely ask Fatso… i think he can do it haha…