i changed my skin and my avi hasn’t for some reason even though i updated my profile… should i jus give it a min or is there something else i need to do something else to change it?

It takes a while for the avatar on here to change to your current skin. I have changed my skin a few times and i have to wait a bit before it gets changed.

oh ok i was wondering what was up

Yeah. XD
Just give it a while. I think the last time i changed my skin it took a few days or so before it got fixed.

well just so everyone know and don’t bludgen me to death when i go back in game, i have changed from dark link (which will be my primary skin forever)
to Zidane Tribal from FFIX (which has been my secondary skin that i haven’t used in a LONG ASS time


Cool. Can’t wait to see it.