skillmannen - 16th of June, 2014

Also what happened to the ban appeal?

he probably edited it.

“Add tandfen_wow on skype if you did not understand to a 100%” was added

Please make a new appeal and DON’T edit it!

Unlocked, threw the code into dreamweaver and took a screenshot of it.

Well according to marco’s link to the screenshot… This is a really serious offense.

Honestly, he didn’t sound like he was actually threatening to do anything, rather just saying how you could do whatever this is. (Judging purely from the screenshot, I wasn’t there at the time.)

True he shouldn’t have really been giving people information on this sort of topic, but it may not have actually been malicious. Just my thoughts on this.

Well Liam, if you read the top part above the screenshot, Emma (Emfitty) did say that he got heaps of quartz from it.

Skillmannem told us that he had heaps of quartz. I asked him how and he said creative (referring to being creative in survival)

So im assuming he admitted to using such method?

We need Em to tell us more about this story because something seems a bit fishy, there are many possibilities.

Ah, I missed that bit, although we still don’t know if he actually did what he was saying. The bit about creative mode in survival is suspicious on it’s own however.

So what if he didn’t hack, and lied about the creative mode? He said it himself, therefore he should be held responsible to his words.


Banned by Marco, if that was unclear.

Not that its my call but I feel that if it isn’t true, a temp ban is well deserved to learn that he should not be saying stuff like that. But if it is true, he is better off staying banned. This needs to be looked into further. Again its not my call. What do you think Marco?

I agree with you. Does anyone else have anything to say?

So how long is the temp ban for @05ocram05?

You’ll be unbanned in 1 week.