Just posting to say I won’t be on for about a week, as I’m going on holiday tomorrow (27th) Skiing, in Zell am See in Austria. Hopefully I will come back with all limbs still intact!

i remember the last time i went skiing, my mom took an arrow to the knee, well actually she twisted wrong and tore a bunch of ligaments

Ouch. Hope that doesn’t happen on this one :slight_smile:

Same here. O_o xD

Hope you have a great time!

Have a nice time Lima Bean

Have fun man!

Good luck with that, hope you can make my christmas surprise. Some reason it’s after Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

wats it like skiing ive never been skiing before

same o.o

I’ve been once before, and it was good, but the ski boots tend to stab you in the shins, so your legs ache after a few days. xD Still fun though :smiley:

See ya Liam!Have tons of fun!

I love skiing, hope you have tons of fun. I just skiied a while back after not doing it in forever, man I suck, still fun though.

GAH AUSTRIA !?! North America sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun on your trip! :slight_smile:

Alright, I’m back.

Did no skiing at all, been ill. But it wasn’t all bad, new year’s eve was the best part. started off in some outside bar, playing an Austrian nail game. Basically you have to hit a nail into a log, using the non-hammer end of a hammer, which is a lot more difficult than it sounds. And some Irish guy who was playing brought everyone jagermeister shot bottles. As you do. Later on we went onto the hotel roof to watch fireworks, which were going off in literally every direction, some from about 5 meters away in the street xD The rest of the holiday was lounging around watching the hotels supply of dvd’s (including fawlty towers, and pirates of the Caribbean, because im just that cool. ) and a chinease, which is always good. :smiley:

Also, I went there with parents, and some scousers who apparently really like drinking. and drinking games. xD

Beer Pong! Wooooooo!

sounds like fun, especially the no real activity part :stuck_out_tongue:

^THIS. XD. Anyway hope you had a good time anyway, even with being a bit sick :confused: