Situation of Enn River City and TBA

If you look on the dynmap by Enn River City, you can already see a problem. TBA’s HUGE area will eventually run into ERC. And to add onto that, if ERC continues with its Northern Expansion Project, it will run into TBA quickly. This is a land problem that needs to be addressed, and fast. Even though ERC was built first, TBA got a warp first because of Saintie and his warp powers. Saint, you need to come read this, and we need to solve this problem.

Here is some quick info for other people.

Enn River City
Mayor: BryceDestroyer03
Warp: ennrivercity

Mayor: Saintnizair
Warp: TBA

Thx for reading,

Here is an image of the two cities on dynmap for convenience.

I looked with they dynmap and I can see the current problem which has a simple solution; it can simply be expanded in a different direction. I’m sure the others will agree too.

Thanks for the warning