Since Nammy posted a vid........

Well as the topic suggests since Nam posted his vid I decided I will post this lame vid me and my friend did for a school assignment even though its a little old because I don’t really have a current one of me but I’ll post one the moment I get one :slight_smile: also please feel free to join in with pics and vids. I’m the one with the brown hair…

Please don’t laugh at the dorky video…
Also the editing was terrible

The Emma and Kelsie show

For some reason i feel like this video was directed towards me. Under paid while my dick boss prances around and acts like he cares about his workers when others are around. Nice job, its always fun seein people irl.

The bloopers are hilarious to watch at the end maybe its cause there a little lame…

Either you lot are giants amongst midgets… or those are some small ass chairs… XD

Ive heard alot about third world people getting taken for granted by large chain shops and stores, but in fairness they do have a significantly better life style then those who dont work in the ‘sweat workshops’. Theres alot of debate about the companies paying out little to these people but the alternative is them being absolutely job less and starving. Often the people choose to work in these places (even at a low age) because it helps support their family better then if they worked on a farm or other construction work in their area. Its not ideal but it beats other options.

Only you fatso… Only you … u make me lol


Okay so I took some more update pics of me but my hair is messy cause of my shits and giggles hat which I also will post a pick of … I’m pretty ugly so yeah to

Maîtresse, would you mind if I got your age? You look really young.

And you arnt ugly.

Sword you never ask a girl for her age!!! ( only girls may do that!)

Or at least, word it carefully. e.g. “Do you mind me asking your age, madame?”

Most girls i talk to want me to be straight with them. I.e Instead of

They would want me to ask “how old are you?”

My world is messed up. I have girls asking me out…

What I said was a joke, to a degree, but yeah women make no sense most of the time.


Hmm…Im not joking…I have been asked out by several girls several times…

Emfitty, your friends name is Kelsie??
That’s my name too! with an “ey” instead of “ie” but whateves! Sounds the same!
Dass ist awesome!!
Sorry that was off-subject…but it was slightly more on subject than whatever they’re talking about XD

Sorry for the somewhat off topic stuff. One last thing, sorry sword but I cannot resist this.

Anyhoo, I think Emfitty is Emma. Hence the “Em” part of the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah to answer everyone’s questions or whatever you call some of the replies Yes my name is Emma and I’m 16 ;D