A while back io was banned for griefing and i was un banned. Then some one hacked my account and griefed again. Now i am un banned again so i was wondering if i was allowed to join the new server. because im not sure if ill get in trouble if i log onto the server.

Please let me know as soon as possible.



Please use the form to appeal a ban that can be found here.

Hold up, are you currently banned or unbanned?

Im pretty sure im unbanned.


Then of course you can play?

lol topic locked

waitaminute. I SEE!! simoes was getting hacked and someone was greifing on his account. then someone unbbaned him. then hes asking if he can still play… well i think simoes is making stuffs up. he greifed once. i thiknk this is another story to make it look like he didnt greif. still im not 100% sure my throery is right.

… liam… did you just delete your topic??? that means IM double posting :0 DONT GET ME IN TROUBLE!!! TOTTALY NOT FAIR :-[

Yeah, andy wasn’t double posting, I did post, but realised what I said was irrelevant and incorrect.

Ok, answer:

Simones, you can play if you are unbanned, however we would appreciate it if you repaired the grief that was done when you were hacked. Remember whatever happens on your account is your responsibility.

good! :slight_smile: im happy to see that everything is alrgight.