SIM CITY 5 !! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !


I dunno if it looks as good as Sim CIty 4 but the graphics look pretty well done.

Pretty cool, but I think Cities XL is better.

Website’s down atm, looks cool though :smiley:

Way ahead of you dude. I already knew this back in like february. hipster italian

And I like cities xl too but it just doesnt have the replay value that simcity had. It great but… simcity is better. Your opinion should be my opinion since mine is obviously better than yours. Nazi italian

Just looked at the site… Ok… I have no idea what to feel. I mean remember the last time maxis and EA got together on a sim game and created spore?? That game was the biggest letdown of ALL TIME. I dont have good feelings about this one. At all.

What i find with most city building games is that you never get what they promised. All of them have been a let down for me really. It’s all like YEAH BUILD THE CITY OF YOUR DREAMS!!! but you cant without cheats or mods. Either they don’t have the right stuff or the gameplay makes it too difficult to do what you want to do.

not to sound old or anything but the last Simcity i ever played was way back on the old SNES… XD
and i have to say. it looks pretty darn awesome. the only problem i would have with this is what Ruby said… Mods and cheats are essential… especially for the funds you needed on the old game just to get your city started so that its prosperous…

Very true. I use so many cheats to unlock everything xD including the large police station w helicopter :).