Silk Spawners plugin?

Here’s an awesome plugin i found. You can mine spawners with a silk touch pick!

Personally i think that it would boost our economy.
People would buy more undersold items such as sugar cane and leather, since they can create books and book shelves. Also, Spawners would also sell for a lot. Spawners would just be like another type of beacon. And i think its perfectly fair, because spawners are really hard to get and require a lot of work to find.

Fer will find the down side to this…Theres always a flaw or something

This would allow people to move spawners at will. Super grinders would be easy to make and would likely break the system. Would this not create the same issue that endergrinders could cause?

This is a Survival server? Not make it that easy that everyone gets lazy and no one wants to play any more Server

We’re technically a build server. I mean, fly command for the majority?

I did play on an “almost pure” survival and they had this as a benefit for donators. It worked fine and wasn’t abused…but then again, the server was a whitelist server so the abusive sort of players were rarely seen.

People can already make super grinders without Spawners. Highly Efficient Mob Farm for 1.7 (13000 Drops per Hour)

Those mob farms take a long time to build, but it produces 13000 items per hour.
And if you make the drop for the mobs just enough to one shot it, you can make Huge amounts of xp and much more than 3 mob spawners.

except you can’t stand there for so long without getting kicked for AFK or Crashing the server from Overload of mobs and items

Wow thanks, lol

Someone COULD make a scaled down version of the mob grinder. Also there are such things as Afk pools.
Ferr do you think that there is a flaw to mineable spawners?

@ Kyle my estimate is that Mob spawners will cost around 4000 dollars a spawner. Our server networth is 360,000 and that means that our server COMBINED can only buy 90 spawners. And thats combined. Im sure this plugin wouldnt serve a huge threat. Also i dont think people will find that many dungeons. Im thinking there are only 10 dungeons every 10000 chunks.

 wait i dont understand. Are you talking about the mob grinders with spawners or the mob grinders that use natrual spawning techniques??

both… anyway someone could go spawner hunting and find like 9 spawners total easy enough >,>
but the thing is that people who make mobs spawn that much can also create Huge amounts of lagg which the server can’t take and it will make the Play feeling less good >,> and we can grind xp easily with netherquartz and other stuff

Piehole owns one of the natrual mob spawners. that didnt cause me any lag so i think its fine.

Or you could just go into an abandoned mineshaft and find a bunch of Cave Spider spawners… And there is also the fact that this could make you able to bring Blaze spawners into the overworld >.> That would not end well…

Also pretty much what Kyle said. Easy grinders, endless easy level 30 Enchantments, and would end up being the exact same thing as the Ender Grinders. So this won’t help, it will just do the exact same thing the Ender grinders did.

I wouldn’t even bother bringing up anything related to a super grinder, it’s going to get denied.

You could make permissions to only mine certain spawners. Not ALL of them. Perhaps a 1000 dollar price for mining a spawner?? that would regulate the amount of spawners mined.

except someone will win 14k with the lottery tomorrow and he/she can buy 14

well lottery IS the lottery. you cant stop money Also, i wanna be in dat lottery :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anyway to only allow this plugin for trusted+ ? Also, with the new enchantment system coming up, People will need a LOT less levels so most likely grinders will be used predominately for the item drops. If anyone doesn’t know yet, Jeb has teased screenshots where enchants use 1, 2, 3 levels and a resource like maybe 2 gold to enchant. If anvils also get a buff then the amount of levels people will need will go way down. This will mean the value of spawners/grinders go down, which also means this plugin will most likely not boost the economy all that much ( at least after 1.8 )

yes u can make this trusted+. its called permission nodes. also we got a looooooong way till 1.8 so y not keep it for now. also new enchantint sucks cuz nao its to ez. sowwyforbadspellitng onmy crqppy phone took me 10 min 2 rite dis all

Not really, snapshots start by the end of the month! Also this is way too overpowered…

We could put a limit on it. They can only be put in towns. And only 2 per town