Thought I should make one so here it is… Its simple and probably will make a better one later. Would love feedback. Thx Guys :slight_smile:

That looks nice!

Can you upload the PSD?

Changed mine too, i like how yours glows :smiley:

Yeah give me say and hour or so ill put a tutorial or something and upload the psd.

You guys like my new sig’s?


It changes every time

Alright heres a Tutorial for it and the sample psd

1st: Create a new document whatever size you feel like. Make the Background Layer Black. I used 450x150

2nd: Create a new layer and set the blend mode to overlay. Add a gradient. Keep this layer at the top.

3rd: Add the text layer. Apply an Outer Glow with 10px size and opacity at 75%. I applied some sort of bevel i dont remember which it doesn’t tell me in Elements. Its 97px as the size and the direction is up. The Lighting Angle for the whole thing is 120 Degrees.

Here is the link to the file for reference… Use it and just change the text it should work… You can get the Layer Settings from there. If you have a CS Version can you tell me the exact settings I used.


BTW I like your sig Hard

Man I just love the metallic, sort of glowing effect.

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