Signature images?

I noticed awhile ago many have photos in there signature. i was wondering how you go about doing this. I know how to edit the signature. You click on the cog on the toolbar and go to forum profile info and then scroll down to signature section. This works fine for text, but i can’t seem to find a way to use an image. (yes the image is within the required pixel ratio. Is there a simple method that i just haven’t noticed?

Upload the image to a hosting website like imgur or photobucket, then get the URL of the image and put it in the signature box with IMG tags around it. You should type it like this:


thanks for the help. If I understand right there should be a image in the signature. (this is sorta a test)

thatnks for starting this thrend i myslef was trying to figure this out. thanks ouhi!

So like


Turns into :