Shout out to the STAFF

I just wanted to take the moment to recognize the staff that works so hard to keep this server civil (at least somewhat). I have been on for a while now and I see, almost daily, the amount of ass-hattery you guys and girls have to deal with.

I think most non-staff will agree that you all are doing a wonderful job. Personally I don’t know how you even find time for your own builds.

Thank you!!!
:wink: :smiley: :wink:

Hey man thank you! We really appreciate those who appreciate us! It really does mean a lot!

Staff work hard to make the sure the server doesn’t have WW3, so these messages are greatly appreciated. :smiley:

What those guys said^

Honestly, I just enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Its always extremely helpful when non-staff members do what they can to help out too, like yourself, and to hear some thanks :blush:

So, uh, thanks for the thanks! Heh.

Indeed! thanks for the shout out. i know im not in game much anymore, but i promise im on here backend and stalking the forum for anything :3

D’awwee, thank’you! I legit made this post a few months back too! :o
I can’t believe I’m actually staff now, and I getput in a shout-out! :stuck_out_tongue:
I fucking love you guys. <3

Ja the staff really deserve more. i have honestly seen some pretty crappy moderation skills, (especially back when i use to play roblox). but you guys really are great!

Thanks. It feels good to be recognized. :slight_smile:

Those forum mods though…I posted a thread on how I wanted to sell a hat and they temp banned me when I aid I wanted to sell it.

Thanks dude!

ty ty

but this was nothing compared to beta

RIP beta staff

Thank you, it seriously means a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you geary
lov u geary

The days :’(

As already said by the others, thanks! You’re like a fath-oh yeah. Duh.

Quite. Keaton, Whubilly, Mythbeast, Rippor, and RiiZA are just a few that I remember being badass Beta staff.

Why thank you!

When you’re staff, you can see that the server isn’t falling apart, but it’s sometimes very difficult to see if you are making people feel happier. Also, all of us staff were in a similar position to you, we realised that we should help new members have that same feeling towards the staff as we did, so we became staff!

you hinting at something there octo? :wink:

anyways, ya, keep going, and don’t let da server go crayZ.

Yo, you staff are cool man. Luv u.

Aye, it’s nice to hear we’re doing a good job from a players point of view. Thanks =D

[size=14pt][size=10pt]I agree, You guys are doing an amazing job. Without you guys I have no idea what the server would be like. Keep up the awesome job guys ! <3 ::slight_smile: