Should we ban Worrior_of_Time?

I know we allow cursing, but Worrior has been a real pain in the ass. When I am on, he has called me to see his “builds” every 5-10 minutes. Every one of them is barely worth initiate rank, and yet he is a builder?

I don’t normally want to ban someone for their personality, but I am really fed up with his behavior. I want SwordMaster’s opinion on this as well. He was the one being harassed the most.

Today from him.

(18:47:48) <Worrior_of_Time> THANKS ALOT FUCKER
(18:48:22) <Worrior_of_Time> DO IT AGAIN
(18:49:57) <Worrior_of_Time> SHUT THE FUCK UP SWORD
(18:50:24) <Worrior_of_Time> YAEH FUCK OFF
(18:52:52) <Worrior_of_Time> Sorry i got to go and sword dont ban me

I haven’t witnessed this myself, however, I would like to say that I agree with Kyle - at one point, enough is enough, especially as we have some younger players.

That is blatant disrespect of a op. But will result in a mute unfortunately, and be cant ban players for being shit…

I suggest just muting him if he even comments on the fact that he hasn’t been promoted, starts cussing AT people, winges, crys, wimpers etc.

I forgot to add a vote on this. I just find him so annoying. I considered just banning him instantly.

Let me see if he has other “issues”.
ah, it seems he said he is 9. That explains a bit.
He seems to love repeating himself a lot until someone responds…

(16:17:00) <Worrior_of_Time> lvl up simon he is really helping
(16:17:31) <Worrior_of_Time> fatso lvl up SIMON
(16:18:34) <Worrior_of_Time> FATSO LVL UP SIMON HE IS HALPING A LOT
(16:38:11) <Worrior_of_Time> ok lvl up simon
(16:38:18) worr, dont tell me what to do.
(16:38:32) <Worrior_of_Time> ok srry

Bah, I think I see where you are coming from now Fatso. He has not done anything to deserve a ban, but man is he annoying. I guess he is learning.

Fatso, you have the patience of a saint.

:stuck_out_tongue: I have never seen a 9 year old cus so much, :o but it does seem like he definitely acts like one.

Well. Think about it this way, if Kyle thinks he is annoying. We all would have banned him by now.

South Park. nuff said XD

yeah no joke. i really have no patience for this kinda thing >.> i woulda either muted him or tempbaned him in SMP XD

I prob woulda gave him a few warnings and banned him after that. :stuck_out_tongue:

As infuriating as he is, I know he is not doing it on purpose… I know I would feel bad for banning him anyway. Now that I know his age, it’s a little easier to bear. He reminds me a lot of the pixie in Zelda who said, “HEY LISTEN” thousands of times. The kind of annoyance that you want to strangle.

Bah! I’m having second thoughts about this. I would really rather hear from those that have spoken to him. See how they feel. Maybe sword can explain why Worrior was so mad at him?


/undo 1000000
/impersonate yay i love being stuck in the sky!! :smiley:

This liam. This. XD

/like a boss

the thing is myth, fatso’s and liam’s were all actual commands (even /slap)

Usually I’m like this but ya’ll know I’m kidding right? XD

… Right?
How old is he now?

Your kind of crazy is fun. His kind of annoyance is very different. We can tell you are smarter than you act. This guy…

Well, based on the response to this, I say he should be warned, if not disciplined. However, not a ban. Just something that will send him a message.

once again i understand that he is 9, but i dont understand why we should have to deal with a petulant brat on our server. if you mute him for a while and then unmute him and he starts his shit again, temp ban him. Why should we have to deal with the product of his parents not dealing with his bad behavior properly? i know I didn’t behave this way when i was nine. my parents told me to shut up and sit down and i did it (with pokemon red of course, but i still wasn’t a brat)

I notice in school, the year 7’s get more and more cocky every year. I want to curb stomp all of the years below me… they’re just… obnoxious little shits. Well, most of them.

Just tell him not to swear and shout so much at players. If he ignores the warning, kick his posterior.

Have you tried warning him about his attitude and told him the consequences if he continues to act like that? Usually that’ll do the trick most of the time to shut someone up. If you haven’t already, then tell him to stop being so immature and disrespectful, otherwise a mute/ ban will be placed on his account. That should scare him enough to make him stop… Hopefully.

Otherwise if you have then do whatever you feel like doing.