so ive had an earache the past few days and today i went to doctor to get my ears checked

then they gave me a shot

in the ass

and it hurt like hell

anyone else have bad experiences with shots?
also we went to mcd’s and got a mochachino thing and now im really hyper :o

I once had a shot in the arm, the doctor started talking to me, then ninja’d me in the arm with a shot. It hurt for days, I did 50 push ups everyday to make the pain go away.

you cant do much for a shot in the ass…

you could take 50 craps aday to exercise that muscle lol

Not had any bad experience with shots. Although when I had to take Vicodin for an injury forgot which one, probably my back. That was interesting, and no I didn’t overdose or anything like that, just never had to have a powerful drug like that.

H1N1, spring loaded, inner elbow, 'nuf said.

The worst one I’ve ever gotten was by the dentist. In my mouth… I mean… there was no reason for it…

One time a doctor took 4 tubes of blood from myarm all in a row :-[

Actually same as me except was my leg…after an MRI

That sucks

Not really me, but i was with my friend and he starting taking shots of everything. He was so pissed by the end of the night we had to carry him home and trying to explain all those empty vodka and whisky bottles to my friends parents was a pain in the arse… (see what i did there?)

Seriously though, I had a shot in the gum for the dentist to take a tooth out after i said i would like you to take the tooth out without local anaesthetic.

I broke my leg a while ago.
Was in hospital for about a week?
One injection each day, to stop blood clots.
Blood samples.
I.V. Drip in my arm.
Injection to knock me out before putting pins in my leg.
Mucho painkillers.

I think I win.