Short year :P

I was checking some stuff and looked at my profile. It looks like I have been here for over a year. :smiley:

How long have some of y’all been here?

Getting very close to two years O.o… it seems like a short time ago it was all classic based too.

I’ve been here since April 4, 2011. So… 19 months. :smiley:

Since january 2012 (classic)

Nearly the same. Maybe a month later… only made an account for a ban appeal orginally. lol.


Aha I remember when I told you about at school. You were the only other person there that played Minecraft at that time (as far as I knew/know).

I was shocked beyond belief when I spawned into the old sandy point beach… :’(

Been here since late '10 unofficially I’m pretty sure… I guess I didn’t really get into it til around January and joined the forum March 2nd '11.

I’ve been on since April 17th, 2011 :smiley: as big_cheese. gts gts

I joined on 18th April 2011 but didn’t really start playing until June

Playing since November/December 2010, registered January 15th 2011 o.O it’s been a long time!

hmm you mean time on the server or forums?

Either one. Just the forum has an exact time and date for when you registered.

Huh… I don’t see where that is. BUT what I do see is the amount of time I spent online:

3 days, 7 hours and 54 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I became advbuilder on classic before i joined the forums…That took me a few months…So about febuary-march of 2012

Joined 15 December 2010, 06:16:02 pm


as of tomorrow it will have been a whole year for me.

Same as Ka for me

Lol, it will be a year for me in 18 days. It’s amazing how time just flies by haha ^-^