Shop Expansions.

I own a shop and I was wondering, are shop expansions free? If they are not, how much are they? if they are, I would like to expand.

Shop expansions are not free, nor do they cost, in fact you should not expand your shop single handedly.

All shops that are bigger than the default size are due to side by side shop owners knocking down their walls to make a shared super shop. I think this is a technically legal way of doing it. Converting two+ shops into a bigger shop is costless, but only with all the owners permission and cooperation.

If you are wondering about JANSco, we have 4 owners for 4 shops. We have taken out the walls inbetween each shop, then have split the number of chests a person can have evenly(22 each for our setup).

Owners are: Johnlh97, Arikk, ninja_dusty, Nick_inc(sword)

Eventually, all owners will be paticipating in the shop.