Ship Wars!

Well Guys,
I just got on to Classic and Brodur found a ship(not a boat a floating one).
He had an idea for ship wars!
Well if enough people join it on the forums we will find a space and you will have a certain amount of time to build a ship. (The amount of time will be discussed on this thread as well)
Semi and Bro

cools we can make holes and players will shoot with guns! that would be like cannons but it creates lots and lots o lag

No. The reason it caused a lot of lag yesterday was because you were spamming a shit ton of sand, which falls due to physics. If you use normal guns sensibly it is fine.

or we could use door_green and rocketstart to make canons, just saying :stuck_out_tongue:
(thanks to sword for showing that to me)

As long as the ships arent wood or wool. Or anything else flammable xD

There is a major flaw in all designs. If rocket starts are too close together, they blow up due to coal ore or the out put of the flame getting in the way of the other rocket start. therefore they have to be spaced every two.

another flaw is that sometimes they explode prematurely. it is very rare but possible.

Pro tip: DO NOT STACK ROCKETSTARTS! they tend to explode as soon as released. :wink:

also Brodur, thank kedji not me. He showed me the rocketstart.

THanks Kedji!


isnt rokect start op only -_-…

to place it it is operator. to use it, it is guest i believe.