shatcake - 2012/09/01


Minecraft Username shatcake

Date of Ban 2012/09/01
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Shadowmeire628

Reason for Ban killing life stock and possible stealing.

Reason to be Unbanned i havent played mc for ages and wanted to get back on this was my favorite server when i played and i needed food killed 2 cows and dude started to rage and i got banned also he said i stole stuff which i never stole stuff…

i just wanted to get back on and play have some fun :slight_smile:

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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you know, i remember banning you, i believe it was like 3 maps ago, and wasn’t a threat that was super horrible, and its been like 2 years or something, so ill go ahead and unban you. Just please, refrain from killing cows if you can.

Hell no, you obviously don’t remember his multitude of other offences. If you need the full list ask Hard.

was unbanned now just tried to go on and am banned again by Ferrari5746 because its not settled.

I was banned because of killing the cows and the person who banned me cleared me saying its all good during the time i was just on i havent done anything worth banning just had a look around at whats new which is everythig! and if you saw me ingame could of just had a chat to me instead of banning :frowning:

Again i havent played mc for ages been wanting to give it another go i started with this server so dont really want to go to a random one i dont have any intention of causing trouble and i cant anyway with all the protections in place so i dont see why banning me again was necessary

Brodur said there is many other offenses you did, just read above. I’d like for him to elaborate before you come back.

i remember that well alot of stuff went down although i dont remember 100% there was alot of killing people and just building in places a shouldnt but i stopped that and was unbanned then i killed some lifestock and got banned which i was unbanned from as you can see above

I believe hard wanted to ban you for “General Asshattery” way back when. I’m fine with you having another chance, but that’s it. Anymore of the things that went on in beta and I will not regret sending you on your merry way.

i dont intend on causing trouble so you dont need to worry thx

and i feel we can leave it at that. Locked

I remember you. Personally I wouldn’t have given you a second chance. I saw this thread and though “Oh Jesus Christ no, not a chance…”

But, others have decided to give you a chance. So… You got lucky.