ShadowNick - 21st of August, 2015


Minecraft Username ShadowNick

Date of Ban 21st of August, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by TheOctopus

Reason for Ban Apparently i was banned for grieving and homophobia.

Reason to be Unbanned I think that i was banned for griefing because i was helping my friend, epicducketc123, with building on a plot in a city; after a while we all found a suitable plot, in which epic placed a sign with his name on. I did the same but apparently i wasn’t allowed to build there. We had assumed that friends of a builder in the city were allowed, apparently not. I had placed a few signs of names as a joke, but soon removed them. We did remove the signs once Claudia asked us to remove them. Claudia then said that i wasn’t allowed to build so we left the city. After we left the city, we went to build something else, but Claudia kept on tping to us for no reason. I asked if she could go away, but instead her friend tped in, asking us random stuff about grieving even though he hadn’t seen anything and we had left. Claudia posted about us not listening, but that was because they hardly said anything; they said to remove the signs and that we were not allowed to build there, but that was mostly it. I DID place a sign about gay, but it wasn’t against it or anything like that; the sign said “Gay is bae”. The reason why we were invisible was before we entered the city, CrazyCamy24 had splashed us as a joke. We were not trying to be rude, we just got angry because they kept tping inside us, preventing us from building. I think that me and CrazyCamy24 should be unbanned because CrazyCamy24 didn’t really do anything and because we did clean up what we had done.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Why are you (epicducketc123) making an appeal for someone else?

ShadowNick asked me to make it for him since i am better at english, i was there when it happened as well btw

I was tping to you beacause I wanted to see if you were in Clarita. Just making sure.

i have to say, epicduket did come close to my city and kept sending me messages asking if he could build in my city, because of this he wont be able to because i am worried he might grief and carry on what those people were doing too.

[size=small]I was the friend to tp in, Claud said that you guys were doing something, and that it was suspicious. I didn’t see anything related to greif or homophobia, but you were obviously doing something strange.

Claudia, could you say what this guy specifically did?

You put a sign saying “Gay” not “Gay is bae” and also “Gays”. I told you to stop multiple times. Also said “Ha” on a sign and left as if nothing ever happened.


Thanks, you have 24h to respond.

No response, no unban.