Shadowmeire Grief attack.

So, um I don’t know if Shadow was on a rampage, was bored, or was just angry, but he griefed pretty much my house, and the farcoast spawn as well. If anyone can please tell my why this happened, It will be much appriceated.

Was probably a world edit mishap

I think we should let shadow respond to this before we jump to conclusions.

considering i was never in farcoast today… and no one has access to my account since i swapped passwords… i got no clue

AS fas as Kostarious’s base goes, i was asked to remove it, and didn’t get a chance to make it look nice, so that is not a grief, only unfinished work.

i apologize for the mess

Seems shadow made a misplaced world edit and did //replace grass. I’m rolling him back one day in order to fix it.