Sever 1.1:can't log in

hey guys, i tried logging on the server but it says the server is outdated. … when could this be fixed?

In about two weeks, I’d say. Check your email, by the way.

ok thanks
i was like POR QUE, JIMMY!!!
oh well
i’m goin to be bored for the next 2 weeks

Did you check your email?

Same here won’t be on because of update:(
Can’t wait to get on again!

I have both 1.0 and 1.1 running. >:D

MCnostalgia :slight_smile: (Thanks to kyle for posting it somewhere)

Kage, if you check your email, im sure goof (Edit) “ABSOLUTELY DID NOT” (/edit) sent you the 1.0 jar. Try to install that, if you want to play on the server in less than 2 weeks.

im not gonna be on, wait well i might because of this old computer that has mincraft.10 on it but i need use it

guys, found a link to redownload 1.0 … stuff
Just grab whats in here and replace it with what in the minecraft folder (in the app data, then roaming)

… well then. I apologize for any inconvence caused by me sharing this .zip. my bad :frowning:

If you can get that to work, that’s another way to downgrade. I believe that rather than distributing an entire .Jar, it queries the MC servers for the patch data (ie. the code that changes).

glad i wasn’t the only one trying to get on with this problem XD i guess ill go finish Final Fantasy XII now that i have two weeks to do it XD

SHADOW !!! Good to see you on :smiley:

yeah ik. ive been busy as hell with school and work and a social life XD but when the games is back on i will be back on Survaival mode more often promise

since when does someone who plays minecraft have a social life? LOLOLOLOLjk