Hey, is it me or is Fatso server not online, if so is there any other pcb servers i can join plz?

Try ADW Citybuild or Roman Empire. Oh and Liam/Fatso I think it’s time that we need a fallback for the fallback. xD

There’s always the SMP server :wink:

if someone in a diffrent time zone (preferable 12 hours off of the London time) would like to run a second server to run from 12 midnight GMT London to 3pm London then i will be glad to help them set up =], at the mo mcforge seems to be getting into a dire bug state, the undo files arnt being saved for some reason and it has a tendency to crash every hour and a half, doesn’t seem like anything i can do, i was considering more or less completely reinstalling mysql and mforge and only keeping the maps and player ranks to see if it helps with it all, but i want that to be a last resort as zones, map info, map changes (IE using /about) and portals will all be broken or non existent and will need to be replaced, if anyone has an idea of how to fix it without reinstalling then ill be happy to hear it =]

Just googled the offline undo, an well its a known bug sadly that was first link :slight_smile:

Hopefuly they will get that sorted

another link

Ok has this problem occoured any other time, if not why dont you try downgrading to previouse version?

it first occured in the first version i downloaded but it wasnt too bad, ive updated it twice up to the previous version and its still doing it, as of today ive gotten rid of the undo files to see if they were full or as such… might work =/, just need to wait for a greifer to come along now XD

want me to grief for you to test it?
aslong as u know thats this is test and i dont get banned :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not able to join it too. I think it might be down :smiley: