Server Upgrades!

The server is hopefully going to be upgraded today so it will be down. I hope to have it up by the end of the day.

Oooooooooo goodie! :smiley:

That’s cool!

: - D

What kid of upgrades, may I ask?

A server dedicated to running the server

very cool! Thanks again for even running this Sip!

I have been rather happy with it’s performance thus far, so I hope this really is an upgrade. RAM has be the only bottleneck I have seen. Server handled nukes rather well…

Cool! Thank you! :smiley:

We already have Spec… no need for a second of him :stuck_out_tongue:

So the map took quite a while to upload, hopefully have it done by tomorrow with the new IP posted.

yaya !

Looks like where I uploaded it to won’t quite work out. Need to upload it somewhere different. The map that is.

Just to clarify, this is for the FTB server, not the main server. Sip is going to be using the server that was hosting our hardcore server.

That’s cool! I feel a bit sad that Hardcore did not prove very popular. I liked that tree spawn.

Btw, I know lots of people despise Gregtech, but I am enjoying the challenge. I keep reading about all the various mods in FTB and imagining how I can use them. For example, mining in the end on asteroids is so much easier with the coin of fortune. It sucks objects on the ground up from a much farther distance and is near instant. I don’t have to dive for falling stuff!

Note: We are gonna have to update the website about this. HC is still listed under servers. Also, would it be possible to have details about the servers under their info? Tech specs maybe? At least location?

HC never was made public, sadly, infact, it was made into a whitelist in the past few months.

Ok, looks like I have set mostly everything up. Eventually the server will use McMyAdmin, but it is currently not. Anyway should be the same with a new IP.

Its super easy.

Note, still on 1.4.7

Just a note about 1.4.7. The Ultimate pack is still the version of FTB I would stick with. I read a lot into the new unleashed and unhinged versions and was not happy with the stuff they both removed. Redpower and Gregtech are missing for example.

There is the option of simply adding in the mods we want into the 1.5.2 version and making our own custom FTB server, but that may be more trouble than we need. Not all that much was changed. It does have a lossless energy conduit (currently 5% loss), but that is not huge either.

Plus no Xychronium after 1.4.7 D:

Me likey pretty shiny :frowning:

I assume you mean Xychorium? Yeah that’s useful for thaumcraft too.