Server Updated to 1.6.2

The main server has been updated to the latest version of Minecraft. Please post and bugs or problems below. Enjoy!

hugs Spec and runs to play

possible bug? it thinks im a guest… and wont let me press the stone button for survival ^^;


Tp cooldowns? >.<

People were abusing teleporting, using it when they were about to be attacked by mobs. So now if you use the tp command, it will freeze you for 2 seconds before carrying out the tp.

betta start using them weapons

Aw, crap TP cooldowns!

Do they apply in Creative as well? 'Cus I have a habit of flying around checking things out. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, can anyone see the GIF in my signature? On my computer it looks frozen. ._.

[Edited by fatso] Editing rather then posting cause its rather off topic. But no, its not moving, it is a jpeg not a gif

Staff in staff archive retaining ranks (Keatsi-poo)

it is supposed to. Even as they were archived, they were not demoted. Unless we decide to start doing so, it shouldn’t be a problem

Lag, there is lag everywhere. >.<

I’m not sure if this is a server problem, a client problem or just lag, but crafting is a pain in the ass right now. Stuff keeps being placed while not displaying that it’s placed and when you try to place it again it gets picked up. All in all, very confusing.

Back then the CPU was at 0% and the RAM at 87% so it was the server and I restarted it back then

I’m guessing its a problem with the Bukkit build, or a plugin. Not sure…

Welp, I’ve lost two donkey’s(well really one mule and one donkey) to lag now. I think server needs more frequent restarts.

Also, if a refund is at all possible… that would be nice.

How were they lost? I’ve seen couple of dogs sink into the ground and die, probably Due to lag. Was that what happened to your animals?

No, creepers ‘teleported’ and blew them up.