Server Updated to 1.31

The main server has been updated to version 1.3.1 of Minecraft.

[s]I can’t connect to the server it says i don’t have enough permissions.

[/s]Nvm works fine now :smiley:

YAY :smiley:

WHOOP! :smiley: Now I dont have to change my computer from 1.3 to 1.2.5. WHOOP! :stuck_out_tongue:

YES!!! Here I come PCB 1.3.1!!!

Wooooooooooooot!!! Awesome, now that I sorta finished my first draft of my comic cover ima come on. :smiley:

For some reason it wont let me log in. It keeps either saying i take to long to log in or just kicks me out. :confused:

I CAN’T LOG INTO ANY SERVERS!!! D: :’( Is minecraft down or something?

Nice job Spec! Glad to see that up and running.

Yeah, Myth, the Minecraft login servers are quite unstable right now.

Are there temples on the map now, Jungle and dessert?

on a side note, i would like to inform everyone that the main town in the Vanilla server that Special, _Andy, Hard24get and Sacred started has been burned to the ground by what seems to be AVO style lava grief, my house included in that list of houses that have been terminated, if you had anything on that server, you may wanna check it, i know the residence of all those above, and also Whubully have all been burned.

Edit for reasons stated below.

In large griefs don’t assume AVO. Anyone with a few lava buckets could have done that.

Well i recently went on and was stuck in the lava remains of hard’s house. :stuck_out_tongue: Then found out that not even my desserted island was safe from the griefs. My dogs had been killed in a lava flow and all my resources were tooken away after the lava was turned to cobble. :confused:

i lost everything man. all I got left is 3 cocoa beans and an iron door…

that is why i said it was an AVO-type of grief, not AVO itself

I know you meant that; it wasn’t too clear is all.

ah, sorry about that then ,not trying to start a panic, just stating what i saw was all XD sorry for the confusion