Server update

The main server is updating to 1.7.9. As the code in Minecraft has changed significantly, it will take quite a long time for the server to be converted. Please be patient while this happens.

It is taking approximately 2 minutes per registered player and banned player on the server.

I’m a bit lost. What do you mean 2 minutes per player?

With 5300 players registered, that means about a week? That’s wrong right? ;D

Update finished.

…or about two hours, whichever comes first.

I would of settled for free fiddidy but the server slaped me and said NO FATTY, NO FREE FIDDIY.

Basically for every player it has to query mojang’s servers to get the UUID, which are used from 1.7.9 onwards

im a bit confused, when u said “update finished” do you mean the server is on 1.7.9 now?
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Yes, but you can still get on with older versions it seems.

i noticed