Server Update

Attention PCBers! The server will be going down shortly to be updated to the latest Bukkit build (706 709) which is compatible with Minecraft 1.5_2.

Please do note however that a vast majority of plugins (particularly the NPCs) may not work until they are updated by their respective plugin authors. Please also note that this build is experimental, thus not only will there potentially be a few bugs, but the server will be later updated to a recommended build in the coming days once available.

The only current issues are:

  1. Creepers do damage again until the anti-grief plugin is updated (when the recommended build is released).

  2. NPCs are down (as usual) until updated.

OPs please record any griefers and post it as the /ban command is currently broken.

Because NPCs are broken at the moment, Server chest shops have been set up in the downstairs section of the marketplace. They work in the same way the player chests do; right click to buy an item, left click to sell. There is infinite stock, so it will never run out.

Warp with “/warp market” and walk down the stairs

The prices are the same as they were with the NPCs.