Server Update Vote #1

An update to Minecraft will be pushed out in the coming days. Our server will not update until a Bukkit build is released and the essential plugins have been updated. Over the coming weeks, we will be holding votes to decide some of the changes we will be making.
Today’s vote will be about biome sizes. Do we want regular biomes or large biomes for the SURVIVAL map?

i was unsure of this untill i started playing around with it more, but im all for some large biomes now =3

I’m up for large biomes. Towns of specific biomes will have more breathing room

Large biomes! Will we increase the size of the world or will the borders still be around the same?

Larger biomes means more breathin’ room. I’m all for it.

Yes large biomes please

I agree with the other people on here. Large biomes would allow for more breathing room when trying to create a town and a greater ability to get lost to explore :slight_smile:

I want regular cause i like that u can live at crosspoints between towns and you dont need to walk a long time for sand etc

Large biomes could be good? I don’t like the idea of huge ocean ones though…

I will say this is a fear I have about huge biomes

I want to rule over a snow biome… large.

not possible

Regular biome size please

I voted Large Biomes. If we could find a seed that doesn’t have a huge ocean one though that would be super creds to whoever mentioned it earlier I also share the same question as Ital, are we going to be extending the world border or keeping the same perimeter?

I say large, but how large is “large”. I mean, we dont want our server consisting of only a few biome sections. It would be kinda weird.

JUST large enough that you go to exit the first biome you start in, you hit the world boarder. =P

More like the snow biome in the middle of our current map i think.

1.6 is out

Large biomes, man, large biomes all the way! It’s hard to die of hunger in the desert when the biomes are normal-sized, and I love the realism that starvation and slow-cooking on the sand can offer us. The same applies with 17,000-block oceans and the dearth of rescources that comes with them. And getting lost in dense, scary, never-ending jungles. And limitless stretches of boring plains. Oh, and witch-filled, expansive swamps.

'tis a hard world, sir- but a rewarding one.

Can you please post on the forums more often?