Server Restart Bug

As John and some OPs are aware (Ant, Wairoa), the server has suffered from what seems to be a bug where upon automatic restart the server sometimes gets stuck. It shows as online with 0/80 User slots filled. The issues seems to be occurring quite frequently and I was wondering if someone could look into whats causing it. It doesn’t fix itself from what I’ve experienced and requires manually intervention. Perhaps someone with console access could look into resolving this bug?

VRA :slight_smile:

I’ll keep a log here of each time i notice when it gets stuck restarting.


17/07/15 - 1:00pm AEST - Automated Reboot
27/07/15 - 8:00pm AEST - Automated Reboot

Updated Spigot. See if it helps.

Does anyone know how long till the server is up again? It looks like that the PCB dnaymap is down too!

I keep getting time out when joining, 0/80 players online.

its happening again :stuck_out_tongue:

It is currently happening right now as before it says 0/80 and I time out when I try to join :frowning:

If you are experiencing trouble with joining the server please post in the Centralised Crash Thread here:

This Topic is about the restart bug not the server crash.
Thanks For the cooperation

Also we already know @legotrooper123 and @Mattand3 a post has already been made, making another does not speed up the time it takes to go back up…

If any of the people posting here bothered to read the original post, including Joshua and Jacob, you would realise that this issue does not belong in the centralised crash thread because it is not a crash.

This post is related to a known server bug where a scheduled reboot occurs and the server fails to properly reboot.
What I have been doing, is logging when these instances occur so that Staff can take appropriate action and have a record of when these issues occurred, to help identify the problem.

I’m sure the issue is being looked into and a manual server reboot will temporarily fix the issue immediately.

It’s a pointless post. I know of it and have been looking into it for a bit. Locked.