Server Records

I just checked the player list and thought there were a few names to mention of achievement.

1st, shortest time online.

These players have spent 0 seconds on the server. Bear in mind they have to have logged in to get on the list.


2nd, Longest time online.

3rd place with 21days 22hours 52minuites and 33seconds online is…

vizzone1 !!!

2nd place with 23days 1hour 41minuites and 12seconds online is…

ddDeath_666 !!!

and 1st place with a massive 23days 5hours 22minuites and 35seconds online is…

b33z !!!

Most distance travelled :

In 3rd place we have …shock

Yvell1324. (36752208)

In 2nd place…

FiliPenis!(With 3038061621)

And In 1st place :

Vaiovista!!(With 3189387706)

Most mobs killed :

In 3rd with 9668…


In second place with 10044…


and in 1st place with 18470…


Killed most Players :

In 3rd place with 105…


In 2nd place with 205…


and in 1st place… (SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK)


Most deaths :

In 3rd place with 182…


In 2nd place with 318…


And in 1st place with 1347…


Most Blocks Destroyed

In third place is:
zingwoof2 with 84968 blocks!!!

In second place is:

Most Awards


I will add more records such as most blocks broken/destroyed and most mobs killed ect when i can be bothered. Vaiovista finished it for you, lazy couch potato…

Most deaths and Most killed players still has to be done. DONE

Still to be done:

Most blocks placed.
Most blocks destroyed.

I would be one of the longest online because the stupid Player list keeps resetting my Total time >:(

Add most distance travelled! :smiley:

you do it, im lazy.

ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTA WHAT… Owait im in second :frowning: maybe laps up and down 85 will do it :smiley:

God dammit Ruby do the rest yourself >w>

yah me to vaio :open_mouth: its not fair, ive been on for atleast 20days play time >:L

do some creative server ones too!

Im not sure the server list is correct, it says here that Kokoloko had 1500 deaths, wolf cupcake in second with like 1200 something and me in third with 995 deaths. (That, i can belive :D)

Well sorry for you, I cba to scroll down a 5million player list.

Excuse me for you being dumb enough not to have realized there is a sort…jk about that vai…but there is a sort :stuck_out_tongue:

oorly? you do it, I’m pissed off right now, fucking sister is being mexican >:(

Alright…im on my phone this is gonna be fun.
Edit fuck it I need a real computer :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll finish it later today.


yvell probably only got that award because of all those times he ran from the cops that andy sent on him XD

I never knew Andy could be such a mean admin!.. Perhaps he kills all the griefers? :smiley:

What griefers?

shifty eyes

oh and I’m fairly sure I haven’t killed players more than a couple of times - mostly accidents…

I once killed a player who was crossing one of those redstone controlled bridges. I could not help myself! It was too much of an opportunity to test the purpose of that bridge. He he he!

NICE :smiley: