Server OPs

Could someone please tell me what operators are for and what benefits and responsibilties they have and how I can become an op. :slight_smile:


We do indeed have a stickied thread about this very subject.

It is under the server management board. Let me know if this link works for you. I can copy pasta it here for you if needed

Ops (or oporators) oporate the server. They have the wonderful responsibilities of banning, kicking, and watching guests+. We also will eventually have the ability to own and use items that lower ranks are not able to hold or use. Finally, we also have the ability as a group or as a single person to promote/demote people on both the server and forums.

thnx guys :smiley:

heh. pasta.

Yes, that was intentional.

I do believe he cannot see the thread Kyle because the section it’s posted under is visible only by Moderators and up.

Let me post a gist of the thread to give a better understanding.

You just got promoted to OP!

Awesome! But do you know what your are expected of?

Being an OP gives you new responisiblities on the server. It is your job to make the server a more enjoyable and friendly place to build - as well as watch out and fix damage from griefers.