Server Olympics 2016: Halcyon

[move]Olympics: Halcyon 2016[/move]
UPDATE UPDATE!!! The stadium will be built in creative! then an SOP will move it to survival! (Temporailily)

If you organize this, i will finance the prizes for the winners :slight_smile: Good luck!

I don’t think an Olympic event has ever been organised on PCB. Sounds like a great idea! You would have to organise it though if it was in your city. And it would have to look good ofc. Gl anyway.

I’d find it really cool if the Olympics idea goes to plan. I would be on camera for PCB YouTube :smiley:

Yeah we could have multiple camera’s for different angles, i am willing to help film for PCB youtube :slight_smile:

Just one thing. I need a build team! Reply to my post in server discussion, Olympic Build team! Also archery will be a sport

I need a build team for the olympics! reply if interested. I will contact u if u r accepted!
(Im really only looking for trusted+)

Can we keep this in one thread? We don’t need the forums spammed with stuff which may not even happen…

Merging the threads. Merged. Carry on!

didnt see this when i re posted my building team thing. Oops

Plus this will happen. Construction already started

Yeah, cool cool… Good luck with this, and I understand wanting to get the message out about it and all, but less double posts please.

Halcyon stadium construction begins! here it is so far!

Remember: You have a year to work on this. Make it as big and grand as you possibly can!

I may actually do a video log series of the construction progess of the stadium itself

Looks pretty plain so far, like jet said, add as much detail as you can! Maybe add some cool shapes and depth.

Just a suggestion, You could build on creative and perhaps some SOP could move your building to survival for the games!

Spllat unfortunaltly, Staff wouldnt do that. I would get extra resouces. Also I NEED BUILD TEAM MEMBERS!!!

Arcachon has a Colosseum that me and fel have built, its all ready for use and everything it may be small tho but it might save some energy spent so maybe worth going to check it out? /warp arcachon and go straight and slightly left keep on going and ull find it!

Hope we can be of use!


I think if we host it a pt different places each time like the real Olympics but i think we should do it every 6 months maybe?

I am willing to build some design features in big city for you to copy as part of the build team if you want. Like some arches and beams you could use, the odd wall ect.

Im building it on the outskirts of Parkcity. Go there to help :smiley:

I like the rhyme.

I like this idea if you need catering look to Farm Fresh Diner!

Just asking but can I possibly have my company MazeBank® Be sponsored at the 2016 PCB Olympics?
If it can ill put some ATMs around the inside and outside of the Stadium/Stadiums. Also ill sponsor the 2016 Olympics Around Empire (Like On Billboards And Stuff) And At Mazebank Locations.