Server Migration

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Both the creative and survival servers will be down for the next few days as we prepare for the launch of our new server. These current servers will not be put online again.

To recap what is happening:

  • Survival and creative are being merged onto the one server with separate maps and inventories
  • The survival server is being transferred as a whole; the map and player items will be taken across
  • The creative server will start from scratch. Only creations that have already been requested to be saved will be added to the new map.

The server will be launched on Sunday morning. The address will be

=D Yes! YES! I CAN’T WAIT! I FEEL LIKE A LITTLE KID AT CHRISTMAS TIME! Thank you spec_k and _andy! Oh, and we’re talking Sunday morning Australia time, right?

If so then that’s Saturday evening/night for the rest of us :smiley:

Sweet, i should be free from work on that time. :smiley: I hope i can manage to come on when it gets launched. So does this mean that we are only a few days away from public advertising? ??? ;D

I think that will be a bit later. We need to “break in” the new server and website. There are bound to be bugs at first.

I’m super excited. Though I do have a request for plugins.

First is CommandHelper. This is more to help for moderation than anything else. This will make it easy to have shortcuts for long commands like logblock.

List Blocks Destroyed/Created:

/lb player sipjca sum block
can be shortened to
/lbp sipjca

Rollback Shorten

/lb rollback player sipjca since 5d
can be shortened to
/lbr sipjca 5d

OO, that sounds good. I’ve always found it a pain to have to write out the whole logblock command.

THANK YOU! While I will not my entire post out in caps like a certain jetteh thanks to everyone for getting us to this point. Can’t wait to be on.


what an epic win this is for PCB. i cannot wait, i will deff be on Sat in order to help out with snooping out bugs and what not.

and Sip, that sounds like a fantabulous idea about the command helper mate, hope it gets implemented.


Sip, that sounds great, would make things easier, especially for newer staff that perhaps don’t know the commands fully yet. I’ll be on for the ‘grand opening’ if I can.

I would love to see a plugin that lets individual users make their own aliases for commands, but that would make a lot of config files xD

Yea… That’s why it would just be a standard set of them, and more could be added upon request.

I’m leaving for camp for three weeks on sunday

I have no idea if I will be able to be on saturday if that’s when it is being launched >.> For I have to go to town that day and I have no idea when I will be back, but I will try to come on for a little while… I also got to study for exams :confused:

I would also like to say this is awesome and I cannot wait for the new server! ;D

Sounds great! Thanks.

I just rememberd, sunday is father’s day. XD I am kinda seeing if i can get away with just calling my dad and maybe sending him something. Since if i go over to his place that would take me out of work for at least a week. :confused: That would also mean that i would have to deal with my brothers. XD If i am around then i will try to make it to the opening. With it prob being on saturday, that would mean that if i do go back to my dad’s for father’s day, then i would prob be going there around saturday or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok folks, here are the times for the USA. Considering the server gets set up around 10AM Andy and Spec’s time.
EST (Eastern Standard Time)-8:00PM, Saturday
CST (Central Standard Time)-7:00PM, Saturday
RMT (Rocky Mountain Time)-6:00PM, Saturday
PCT (Pacific Coast Time)-5:00, Saturday

This should cover most of us who play on the server.

Thanks jet, this means that i may be able to make it no matter what. :smiley:

That still baffels me that 10am Sunday is like 8 am sat in my area XD

8PM shad…
and yuno UK time?